Liebster Award

Mamaland Island nominated me for a Liebster Award! Thank you! Made my day!


The rules are:

1.  Post 11 facts about yourself.

2.  Answer the tagger’s questions and make up 11 other questions for people you nominate.

3.  Choose 11 people new to the blogging world or with 200 followers to give the award to and link to their blog in your post.

4.  Tell them on their page.

5.  No tag backs!

Facts about me:

1. I don’t know what to write for these.

2. My favorite food is hummus.

3. I love coffee.

4. I love to eat and drink in general, actually.

5. I love to sleep. Zzzz

6. Even during this, I’m sleeping.

7. I love the color black.

8. However, I’m not a goth.

9. I love doing crossword puzzles and sudoku.

10. I doodle while I talk on the phone.

11. I guess I’m an extremely interesting person, according to this list. 🙂

Questions from Mamaland Island:

1. What’s your dream job?

This is my dream job, being an illustrator.

2. What was your favorite subject in school?

Art was my favorite, as you can probably tell.

3. Do you have a weird talent?

I make up really weird costumes for my kids.

4. Pasta or rice? (the age-old question)

Pasta, obviously.

5. If you were an animal, what would you be?

I think I would be a koala. I don’t know why.

6. If you had to blog about something different, what would it be?

Probably gardening.

7. What’s one thing on your bucket list?

I’d really like to visit Australia.

8. What’s one thing you absolutely will not eat?

Candied bat, as I saw in Thailand.

9. What color describes you?

Black. I don’t know if this is a bad sign.

10. What’s a song that you always rock out to?

Bohemian Rhapsody.

11. What’s one item you couldn’t imagine living without?

Pen or pencil without which I couldn’t draw or do my crossword puzzles!

My nominees are:

1. Kryrieosity

2. Flyghte

3. Lilbo & Gnomie

4. Katy Kelleher

Sorry about the small group of nominees, but I’m still fairly new around here. These were some of the best!

Questions for the nominees:

1. Favorite destination?

2. Favorite animal?

3. Meat or Vegetables?

4. Book or Movie?

5. Horse or Unicorn?

6. Favorite dessert?

7. Coffee or Tea?

8. Cats or Dogs?

9. Sweet or Spicy?

10. Early bird or Night owl?

11. To be or Not to be? That’s seriously the question.


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